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In fact, I would like to give the conclusion to be drawn from this article from the beginning. We will keep saying aroma aroma. If what we're drinking isn't a straight-tasting pilsner beer, it's definitely a flavored beer. It is primarily its taste / smell / appearance that allows us to enjoy beer. The pleasure of alcohol always comes later. Just as the wine and whiskey flavored drinks are drunk in glasses; In order to catch the beautiful / rich aromas of different types of beer, we should definitely consume it with a glass.

*Beer is a porter,

*Breaking beer

*Beer makes gas,

Those who drink beer from the bottle always speak such statements. Because drinking beer from the bottle causes more gaseous air to reach our stomach and therefore the feeling of bloating. However, those who drink from the bottle can never catch the beautiful aromas and smells that should be taken from the beer. "Well, I couldn't see a difference." says. I experience this very often and I want to complain to social services about those who do not do justice to the beer they hold. Let's skip Lager up to a point, but drinking ale from the glass is an insult to the brewmaster who made the beer in the first place. It is no different than putting a coke into a whiskey that has been put into a lot of effort and waited in a barrel for years.

Yes, after emphasizing that beer should be drunk in a glass, let's come to the types of glasses. I'm starting in order.

*Mugs / Classic Efes Pilsen Glass with Handle: This glass is the most preferred beer glass in the world due to its large volume and easy drinking. Lager is common in beer-blend lands. I can bet that this is the most well-known beer glass in our country.


*Stange: Stange means stick in German. This glass; It seems to have been quite easy to get its name because it resembles a stick due to its thin, flat structure. It is one of the ideal glasses for Kölsh and Pilsner beers.


*Pilsner: When Pilsner beer is mentioned, the first Mugs type glass comes to mind. At least that's how it is in our country. But this glass is designed for lighter beers like pilsner. The thin glass allows the consumer to easily see the color and bubbles. The slightly wider top of the glass helps hold more foam and absorb flavors comfortably. It is often used in countries where pilsner beers are plentiful, such as the Czech Republic, Germany and Vienna.


*Pint: This glass, which has a structure that expands as it rises, is very popular in countries such as the USA, England and Ireland. Especially in Ireland, Guinness or Kilkenny beers are served in this glass. It is a suitable glass for many sub-types of Lager and Ale type beers. Optionally, it can be used in styles such as IPA, but especially Stout , Porter.


*Goblet: These glasses sit nicely in the palm of the hand, making it easier to drink, and it also ensures that the foam is more during pouring from the bottle. This glass is very suitable for Trippel , Quadruppel type beers in Belgian Ale class.



*Weizen: This pint glass can be mixed in shape with the pilsner glass. The main difference between these two glasses is that in Weizen the inward curvature of the upper part is evident. This curvature helps to keep the thick foam in wheat beers and easily get the distinctive aromas of wheat beers. Starting from a narrow base, the glass acquires a distinctive curve as it rises. These glasses are designed for the Belgian Type (Witbier) or the German Type (Weizenbier ).

I recommend that those who view the importance of the glass in beer with prejudice, drink German type wheat beer after glasses such as Mug, Pint or Goblet, and then make a comparison with a Weizen type glass.


*Snifter: It is my favorite type of glass. (The fact that my favorite types of beer are drunk in this glass can also cause this situation.) Such glasses are very rare, especially in our country, and they would not be in every pub. But nowadays, with the enormous breakthroughs in the beer industry, these types of glasses are now everywhere. You may have seen this type of glass in cognac and whiskey tasting. However, it is not a coincidence that it is used in the tasting of beers with strong aromas such as IPA, Barleywine, Blonde Ale, Porter, Imperial Stout, Trippel.

This glass; It has the least loss of distinguishing features such as smell, taste, foam, color in beer. If I'm drinking beer in this glass, I prefer to fill it halfway. Because, thanks to its minimal structure, I want to swirl the beer from time to time to catch the aromas. In addition, the narrow mouth will prevent the flavors from flying easily.

Finally, this glass is very intimate with our skin in terms of being placed in the palm during drinking. After being taken out of the fridge, ale type beers must reach a certain temperature in order for their aromas to become more pronounced due to their nature. This glass can make our beer warm up faster during tasting.


*Tulip: It is my favorite type of glass after Snifter. It contains many features of Snifter. For this type of glass, Belgian beers are a good choice. It is also very suitable for IPA (Especially Double IPA) and Barleywine.

The upward structure of this glass helps to spin the beer easily and capture the aromas.

---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

We have combined 8 different types of beer glasses in one article. Each of these glasses has been designed and survived over the years to enhance the experiences you should get from your favorite type of beer. Do not forget that; The glass you drink your beer from will play a big part in your experience with that beer.

Next, I'll talk about how important a clean glass is.

Remember, “Beer Drinks in a Glass”


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