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Birasal Bilgiler, kendi bilgi ve deneyimlerimi paylaştığım yazıların yanında, öğrenmek istediğim bilgileri araştırıp blog yazısı halinde toparladığım bir bölümdür.

Welcome to Belgian Lace. In recent years, blog/site-style places that produce Turkish content on culture, concepts, etc. are starting to increase step by step. Also in the content of Belgian Lace  There will be information for education or general culture that will improve this culture and add benefits. I will post most of this information here by citing the source. The aim is Turkish content...

I'll move on as I have time. For your questions and suggestions, you can reach or "dogancanoncan" on Instagram.

Bartender with Beer
Pouring a Pint
Beer on Tap
Beer Samples
Beer Taps
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