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Hello. My name is Doğancan Öncan and I like a beer. No, I just don't like drinking straight beer. I like to follow the history, development, culture and development of beer globally, especially in Turkey, the beautiful country I live in, and this has become my hobby.  I can't make beer at home because the conditions are not ready yet (it will be one day, of course). However, I am trying to collect everything within my budget and create a collection regarding beer.


Until 2013 (yes, that magical year) everything I knew about beer belonged to brands such as Efes Pilsen, Türk Tuborg, Miller and the type of pilsner. I also met Guinness for a while, saying it was "interesting" and passed it off. Towards the end of that year, I met the trio of Server Ersolmaz (brewery) – Cihangir Gümüştaş (beer love) – Koray Kaan Özdemir ( joyman -> whiskymonster) on Instagram and started reading beer tasting articles and posts. After those days, an enlightenment came to me and I started to learn that beer is a very different world.


As of summer 2014, our local and national kraft beer brand, Gara Guzu , declared its freedom. After tasting their first beers (Amber Ale and Blonde Ale), “beer is my sanctuary from now on, friend.” I said and fell on this job. After blogging and Instagram posts, I started to realize that beer is not just plain pilsner and crappy eastern European market beers (that's why it's cheap). I learned what I could learn, I left what I could not learn for later. I started sharing the beers I drank from my own Instagram account (dogancanoncan) and interpreting them with my limited knowledge. I met people who are very nice and take up beer as a hobby like me.


In 2016, I learned that there is a club called Turkish Beer Collectors and Home Brewers Club (TUBIKOK – IG: birakulubu). Due to my collector nature, I became a member of Turkey's most beautiful club at the end of 2017, I am a member trying to be active and my adventure in brewing has almost leveled up with this club.


Here it is, in short. If you've noticed, I never mentioned work to power because there's no room for those boring topics here.


Here we will talk about brewing. Now I realized that I needed a place where I could keep my thoughts together. I will try to convey what happened in our country, what happened in the world, strange and strange findings, the tasting notes of the beers I drank, and the beer tours I made in the countries I visited. My next article will be “Why Belgian Lace”.

Stay well, cheers. 

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